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How Many Old Ladies Will Die


“Something is warring in this palace,” are the first words Marge hears from her mother, Edith. Something is wrong in this place, Marge interprets.

“Isn’t it a lovely place?” Marge’s sister, Diane declares. The place is an adult foster care facility Edith entered after suffering a stroke that affected her ability to find the word
she needed.

“I thimble somebody was kibitzed.” Edith adds.

“You see why we put her here. She’s become delusional,” insists Diane. “She wants you to help her get out.”

Marge, visiting her mother in Michigan, isn’t convinced her mother belongs there. It doesn’t make any difference, however, because Edith refuses to leave while she believes her new friends are at risk. Was someone truly killed, or had Edith lost more mental capacity to the stroke than they realized?

Marge, her mother, her staid and proper Aunt Valerie, and her rebellious and reckless niece Lisa form an unlikely team to try and discover the truth about what’s going on before Marge has to head back to her home in Bellevue, Washington.