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Who More Than Wished You Were Dead?


Everyone wanted Craig Carlson dead. Who made it happen?

Was it his abused wife?

Was it his rival in the workplace?

Was it the spurned lover?

Or could it have been Marge’s son, Robert?

Friday afternoon, Marge Christensen arrives at beautiful Ocean Shores, Washington, to spend the weekend with her children, Kate and Robert, and the rest of the
week painting. 

Sunday afternoon a man from a neighboring condo, Craig Carlson, turns up dead on
the beach.

Craig’s wife, Hillary, is an old friend of Robert’s. How did she and Robert happen to be at the beach at the same time, along with Craig and a group of his business associates, most of whom seemed to have a reason to wish Craig dead? The police wonder, too, and when Robert becomes a suspect Marge sets out to find the real murderer. In the few days at her disposal, she delves into the tangle of relationships, motives, and opportunity, to learn the surprising truth about who did more than wish Craig was dead. 

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